Boring Food Everyday? Try these healthy Bread Recipes

Healthy bread recipes

“A recipe has no soul, YOU as the cook must bring the soul to the recipe”

Have you ever wondered what can you make using bread? NO? Don’t worry were here to enlighten you. You will find a better way to start your day after reading this article.

Healthy bread recipes, everyone craves for these recipes to be on their fingertips.  First let me take you through the marvelous journey of invention and history of bread.

Bread was invented about 4000 years ago. Egyptians  were the one who found some kind of bacteria called yeast to raise the bread.leavened is another name for bread However Egyptians called it leavened. Its called man’s first and oldest industrial microorganism.

Read till the end you might come across some facts and figures about bread you didn’t knew before.

healthy bread recipes

How bread is made?

The main ingredients to make bread are flour, yeast, salt and water these are basic things to make bread.

Bread can be baked easily at home on small scales and many healthy bread recipes are available online to make different things from bread.

Bread is widely available at grocery stores as bread has become a commercial product for businesses. Many brands have been launched of breads and different variety can be accessed from every nearest store from every nearest store.

If you want to make bread at home the recipe is also given below:

  • If you are young you must be assisted by any adult.
  • Take a bowl put 1 and a half cup of white or whole meal flour.
  • Put 1 teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon sugar.
  • 15 grams of margarine is to be included in the bowl now.
  • 1 packet of easy blended yeast or use according to the instruction given on the packet.
  • 75 cup of water it should not be warm or hot.
  • Mix the ingredients.
  • Punch the dough made from the mixture and put it for an hour so that the yeast can act on it.
  • Bake the bread for about 32-35 minutes until golden brown
  • Check if the bread is fluffy and tap to check if it sounds good you are ready with your bread.

There are different types of bread with different health benefits discussed in the following paragraph.

Types of bread

  • Pita bread: This bread usually contains a pocket and the main difference among other breads and this bread is that it is flat. Pita word came from a Greek language which means flat.

types of bread


  • White bread: This bread is also known as milky bread as the color is white as milk because of the refined flour used to make it.
  • Brown bread: Brown bread is made with molasses often coffee is also used to make bread giving it a brown texture. Brown bread is low in fats and it is also used for dieting.
  • Corn bread: This bread contains a required amount of cornmeal in it moreover it is raised by baking powder.
  • Naan: Naan is kind of bread which is not baked it is flattened and then cooked.
  • Sandwich bread: Sandwich bread is just like white bread but it is a little big in size as it is to be used for sandwiches.
  • Burger bread: Burger breads are used to make burgers and they are shaped in circular they are baked just like other breads the main difference is just the shape.

Bread facts

  • Bread has been part of our lives from about 1200 years.
  • There was a time when bread was used as currency in Egypt.
  • Bread has no boundaries as it is used by every race culture and religion.
  • Bread sandwiches are the favorite food around the world.
  • Sliced bread was banned as with no specific reason. Furthermore The reason is still unclear that why sliced bread was banned in United States.
  • In 2001 World’s largest pita bread was made which had a dimension of 6.24 feet × 5.4 feet.
  • Steam is used to make pitta bread that’s why it has a pocket in it.
  • There are about 200 different types of bread available in United States.

What is gluten free bread?

Gluten free breads are made without using wheat, rye and barley. These breads are primarily made by using four kinds of starch which are rice flour, cornstarch, tapioca starch, and potato flour.

What is bread used for?

Bread is used for many purposes but it is mostly used for break-fast as toasts or sandwich. People mostly use bread as part of snack or a light meal but it is now widely used for making pizza, burgers. Chicken rolls, chicken buns, bagels, chocolate buns and much more.

You want to try some of these bread made delicious delights? Continue reading your about to find some of the best recipes up next….

Healthy bread recipes

Do let us know after reading these healthy bread recipes that which one was your favorite?

Cheese toast: Who doesn’t want a crunchy cheesy bite of toast? For making these yummy cheesy toasts you will need the following ingredients: mozzarella cheese, bread and some chicken. Take some chicken put it on a bread put cheese on it and bake for 5 mins.

Egg less banana bread: you must try this delicious banana bread it can be easily made using some mashed bananas with the following requirements:

Take some mashed bananas in a bowl put some milk furthermore add some vanilla extracts add some yeast, sugar and a little amount of salt. Mix them well and put the mixture in the baking mold. Bake well until golden brown and fluffy.

Pizza: Ahh! Who wouldn’t try making this at home? Pizza is the most eaten fast food on earth. You can make pizza bread with some flour, yeast, salt and some sugar mix these ingredients well and flatten it according to size.

Put some tomato sauce on the flattened dough after that put some cheese, chicken and vegetables. Bake it well for about 45 minutes.


Vegetable sandwichs: It is the most easiest snack to make one can say. These healthy bread  recipes just need some chopped vegetables, ketchup and mayo. Spread over the ingredients as per requirement.

Chicken bread crumbs: These tasty chicken bread crumbs are easily made in just 20 minutes so Hurry up grab up some bread chicken some flavors sauces and other spices. Mix these ingredients well and deep fry for 10 minutes.

Yeast free bread recipe

Bread can also be made without yeast; the recipe for yeast free bread is as follows:


Three mugs complete wheat flour stone ground is preferred

Baking powder four teaspoons

One teaspoon salt

One and a half cup of rice milk with another one and a half cup of water


Combine dry ingredients and mix it well However Don’t filter the flour!

Stir until the flour is mixed well with water and dough is formed.

The dough should be wet However it should not be gummy.

It will take time for the flour to soak the water so don’t rush wait for about 20 minutes.

Now make a ball from the dough furthermore bake it at 40 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Tip: add some vanilla extracts for flavor or you can simply choose any other flavor you want.

For some guys who are in a very hurry and don’t bother to waste time on making their break-fast, here are some healthy quick breakfast recipes.

Healthy quick break-fast recipes

Healthy bread recipes may include the following which can be made easily in just minutes.

Egg and bread: egg and bread can be used for break-fast as you just have to put the bread in the toaster and fry an egg.

Bread and jam: just simply apply jam on the bread and voila! Your break-fast is ready.

Cheese bread: some cheese on bread with a packet of ketchup would be great for break-fast right?

Some benefits of healthy bread recipes are mentioned below must read….

Merits of eating bread

Provides calcium

Bread is rich in calcium no doubt it is a good source of calcium to our body. It provides about 10% of calcium to our body.

Good source of fiber

Fiber is good for stomach and helps to prevent constipation and other problems no doubt it contains fiber hence it is good to eat bread daily.


Foliate is needed in the production of red blood cells. It is present in bread and one should eat it for good health.


Iron is present in bread and eating bread will make you iron-man ha-ha okay let’s cut the irrelevant jokes apart. Certainly yes, iron is important in body and bread is a good source to it.

It is convenient

Convenient to eat bread anywhere at any place.


Bread does not cost so much above all you can buy it easily.

Can bread help lose weight?

Yes, bread helps to lose weight however There is special type of bread for dieting called brown bread.  Eat brown bread as much as possible as the fiber content is high in brown bread. However bread helps to lose weight but it can also gain weight too.

If you start eating milky bread every time you will surely get obese as it contains fats in it.

Bread as animal food

Bread as animal food, bread can be used as food for animals moreover expired bread which you throw away can be eaten by hens and other animals. In the end bread is very useful in everything whether it’s a recipe or any other thing.

Start your day with a fluffy fresh bread.

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